Who Uses Our Services

Our research has shown that people who hire us are interested in having more time and balance in their lives. By hiring A World Class Concierge Service, Inc. to do various errands and chores, they can free up time for personal needs or to spend quality time with their families and friends.


Corporate clients appreciate the service because it means that employees can focus on their job. We provide time saving services. In essence, we become their personal assistant. Our service is particularly attractive to executive level employees and those who are single and in the midst of relocation to or from the Chicago area.

Real Estate Agents find the service has value because it can shorten the time it takes to sell the property. We understand that the first thirty days on the market and first showing are critical. A property that’s not well organized or clean doesn’t make a good first impression. Agent’s refer us to homeowners so we can professionally prepare the property prior to the first critical showing. We clean out the clutter, organize the closets, help the homeowner determine what needs to be thrown out, moved or given to charity. We identify quality service professionals to do cleaning, repairs, painting etc. The homeowner makes the selection and contracts directly with the company based on their budget and time constraints. We wait at the property for the service providers, saving both the Agent and the homeowner time. We also run errands and can become the Agent’s personal assistant on an as needed basis.


Our individual clients enjoy the services we provide because it allows them time to do the things they like, after all who really wants to spend time cleaning out the clutter or standing in line?!!!! We do! That’s why our clients use our services. They also enjoy being able to have someone see to details they don’t have time for. Whether they need someone to research gift information, shop or buy supplies for a last minute party, they know we can be of assistance. They also enjoy the fact that they can use the services on a one time emergency basis or with a contract for monthly services.