Teresa and Ann saved my sanity when it came time to get my condo ready to show for sale.  My work
travel schedule left no time for me to oversee a handyman or other contractor - let alone FIND a good
one - so I handed over my keys the night before I left for three weeks and said "I hope
I can trust you - just make it nice and DE CLUTTERED when I get back". I gave them a long list, a
budget and a time frame that was perfectly adhered to.  Instead of being the nightmare of plaster dust
and boxes I left, my  place was a joy to which to come home.  Without them I may have just
stayed in Asia!  Communication was easy.  All receipts and paperwork were nicely organized and
printed for me along with any business cards of service contractors used.  They even left a thank-you
note and gift for  me.  I am hoping they will handle the move to my new place for me and
help me settle into the new place as well as they helped me with the old. My  sister told me hiring A
World Class Concierge Service was one of my best recent decisions!

Christy P. Chicago, IL
" Your service is superb! I
called and in hours my needs
were met.... you took care of
an errand I would have
otherwise had to have taken
off work to do and gone way
out of my way to get done. I
wouldn't think twice about
using A World Class
Concierge Service, Inc. again,
it was easy, quick and
efficient. Thank you for your
services and being so easy to
work with!"
Mary Ellen  -Chicago,IL
A World Class Concierge Service is a convenient and reliable service for all busy people. I can call
Teresa Frith and Ann Van Damme at anytime, morning or night, and they always figure out a way to help
Since I started using A World Class Concierge Service
over six months ago, I can count on someone to wait at my apartment for service and cleaning people,
pick up my groceries and laundry, and help me with numerous other errands that I do not have time to
do. Overall, Teresa and Ann make my hectic life more manageable and I would recommend their
services to everyone.
Josh L.  -Chicago, IL
“I suffer from depression
and  adult ADHD and
frequently become
overwhelmed with
organizational problems,
time management,
household chores and
paying bills. Because of this
I often call A World Class
Concierge Service when I
have reached crisis level.
Fortunately, these ladies
understand my needs and
come to my rescue
immediately! There is
always something new I
ask of them. They handle
everything professionally
and efficiently. Most of all,
they ease my stress. I
would say I probably need A
World Class Concierge
Service more often than
most clients, so I feel I am
qualified to wholeheartedly
recommend their services.”
Karen E.  -Chicago,IL
I can't say enough about Teresa and Ann. They are kind, generous, smart, creative, efficient and easy to
work with. They instantly put you at ease and start to work magic. No job is too big or small for them. At
first I was apprehensive about "asking for help". And now I realize we "can't do it All" and it's not fun
doing it alone. Now I want all my friends to have the pleasure of working with Ann and Teresa. They
have lifted a burden and given me an invaluable resource.
Carol Ann M. -Chicago, IL
"My thanks to A World Class Concierge Service, Inc. for the excellent service you have been providing to
me.  Since you have been doing my mailings every month I am confident they are being sent out on
time.  Now that I don't have to do the mailings I can concentrate on other areas of my business. You
have also provided me with valuable advertising leads for my business.  I was very pleased with the
way you sent out the gift certificate I purchased for a friend.  I think a "gift of time" is a new and exciting
gift certificate to give. I am telling all my friends and business associates about your wonderful
Barbara O. (AmeriPlan USA)   -Chicago,IL
"You ladies are wonderful. You
keep my bills paid on time and
my papers knowing you are
waiting for me while I'm in the
doctors office and the fact that
you remind me of
appointments. You put my
mind at ease and it allows me
enjoy more time with my
friends and family."
June M.  -Glenview, IL
"As I am approaching retirement, I would like to say that your services were right on time for this stage
of my life and career. Your fine tuning of my storage space (and my immediate outlook) was just the
impetus to ready me for my part-time career in real estate and maintain my full-time career with more
focus. The inventory of items donated to charity and your invoice itself was so professional. The ease
in which you accommodated me with the proper concerns, questions and ideas was also very
comforting. I look forward to working with you on future personal and professional projects that will
undoubtedly will come sooner than later."
Michael K.  - Chicago,IL
A World Class Concierge
Service, Inc. exceeded my
expectations!  They handled a
range of services for me...
from picking up my mail to
coordinating home
maintenance projects while I
was out of town.  What a great
feeling to come home and
have my "to do" list done.  If
you're feeling overwhelmed by
little or big tasks, they are the
people to contact.
Christy W. - Chicago, IL
A World Class Concierge Service, Inc.  773-275-1006   ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
We are an Illinois Corporation, bonded and insured.
Ann and Teresa are truly World Class! Among other things, they helped me "comparison shop" for cable
Internet, found a house painter, and took care of my children's rabbit, guinea pig, and gecko while we
were on vacation. I have used their services for 3 years, and never been disappointed.
Becky W. -Chicago, IL
"Teresa and Ann have been nothing less than lifesavers during the most tumultuous period in my life.  
same time, I was recovering from 2 major surgeries, including extensive physical therapy.  At the
beginning of the entire process, I could not even clear my mind enough to figure out what to do first.  I
felt completely overwhelmed and paralyzed.  A World Class Concierge Service, Inc. was
recommended to me by my Realtor, and as a result, I was able to begin to see a light at the end of a
very dark tunnel.  
Teresa and Ann have provided their services with the utmost of care and professionalism, giving me a
profound sense of security and peace of mind.  I cannot begin to say enough about how much I have
appreciated and enjoyed working with Teresa and Ann over the past few months, and will continue on
until I move in June 2007. The services that Teresa and Ann provide are absolutely invaluable to
anyone who desires their personalized and caring approach to everything that they do.  I could go on
forever, so I will just say that A World Class Concierge Service, Inc. is, quite simply, the best!"
Pamela M. - Chicago, IL
Dear Teresa & Ann,
I wanted to thank you for all of your help.  I got my tractor tool box!!! I had exhausted all means of getting
it until you came through for me. I live in Texas & I found the exact tool box for my new John Deere
tractor on the Internet.  I contacted the only store that carries this "perfect box" as well as the
manufacturer.  Neither would ship it to me as much as I pleaded. I gave up until a friend mentioned a
concierge in a totally unrelated conversation. This was a "Eureka moment" for me. Since the store that
carried the box was in the Chicago area, I decided to see if a concierge service was available there.  
Your website gave me comfort that you could tackle this problem.  A couple of phone calls to you nice
ladies & I now am ready to install this great box on my new tractor.  I could not have done it without your
help.  Thank you so much.
Denny Myers
                                              Rosharon, Texas
A World Class Concierge Service, Inc. came into our office, listened carefully to our needs, and
quickly went about restoring order to a filing system where chaos only had previously reigned.  They
were at all times prompt, professional and courteous.  Thank you!

Joel Derstine
Groundwork Solutions
Errand, personal assistant & concierge services since 2003
"Never do anything yourself that others can do for you."
-Agatha Christie