We Did It !
What challenge do you have for us today?

: Client was having a special promotion that involved live Beta fish that needed to
be delivered in one day in the middle of winter to a number of their clients.
Challenge: The customer couldn't locate a company who would provide the services.
Solution: We picked up and delivered live Beta fish, making certain that they were warm
and comfortable until they arrived at their destination.

Request: Puppy care for a newborn puppy.
Challenge:  Puppy was too young for day care centers.
Solution: Provided puppy day-care for a puppy until he was old enough to attend regular
day-care.  Researched and located animal day care centers that would give him individual

Request:  Prepare an apartment for a surprise proposal of marriage.  
Challenge: The call was made the night before the request and we had less than two
hours the next day to do everything.
Solution: Purchased roses and champagne. Scattered rose petals throughout the
apartment. Per the client’s instructions, tied the engagement ring to their dog's collar. Lit
candles throughout, then notified the client when everything was ready so they could return
home.  Note: she accepted the proposal.

Request:  Locate a rare bottle of Rothschild Vintage Wine.
Challenge:  Have it gift wrapped and delivered with less than two days notice to the client
who was at a resort out of state.
Solution: Purchased and arranged for the wine to be specially wrapped and delivered by
10 a.m.  Worked with the Concierge on site at the resort to insure everything was done

Request:   Liaison between divorcing couple.
Challenge:  The property was being divided and the couple was not living in the same
house or getting along. All trust was gone.
Solution:  Bring enough staff to cover each person who was in the house packing and
moving things out to be certain that only the settlement items were being taken out.

Request:  Arrange for cleaning of a fragile silk bedspread without shrinking it.
Challenge:  Find a company who could clean and repair the bedspread.
Solution:  Researched and Located a top notch cleaner, we picked up from the client and
then delivered it back to them after the work was done.

Request:  Pick out costumes for a client's girlfriend for a fund raiser ball.
Challenge:  She didn't have transportation so couldn't shop for herself.
Solution:  We picked out costumes based on her preferences, delivered them to her home
and waited until she selected the one she wanted.  We returned the remainder to the
costume store.

Request: Frame sports photo.
Challenge: It was a valuable one of a kind piece of work.
Solution: Took the autographed, sports photo to a reputable framer and had it custom
framed and returned to the client. Arranged for it to be hung in his medical facility.

Request:  Plan an 85th birthday party
Challenge:  The party was to be a week long event with out of town guests.
Solution:  Developed theme, created save the date, invitations and activity cards.
Negotiated special rate with local hotels, made hotel reservations as well as restaurants and
sight seeing reservations.  We also helped with preparation, serving and clean up of a local
barbecue event.

Request:  Want to give an unusual gift to Boss for Bosses Day.
Challenge: they wanted the services of AWCCS but it had to be a surprise.
Solution:  We dressed in our most conservative and formal business attire and showed up
at the office with a card that said "Your gift is a Personal Assistant for the day who will do
anything (legal) that you want for the day".

Request: Take a very large dog to and from doggy day-care for a client who was out of
town for the day.
Challenge: A very large, friendly dog.
Solution: Picked up the dog and dropped him at day-care in the AM and picked him up and
took him back home in the PM, it was difficult to drive with our faces being licked all the way
there and back.

Request:  Find a copy of a tennis match, ASAP
Challenge: Client was supposed to record it but due to a rain delay, it didn't record and his
wife was not happy with him. To complicate things, it was the Thanksgiving holiday and a
number of our contacts were unavailable.
Solution:  Located a Tennis Pro at a local tennis club who referred us to a client who tapes
every tennis match. Spoke to the individual who was willing to share a copy of the tape. We
picked it up and delivered it to our client two days after the original request.  Client was
thrilled and his wife was even happier!

Request:  A special gift for a client's wife.
Challenge:  The client's wife's dog was accidentally killed and she was very distraught.
Solution:  Located artist to paint a portrait of the dog. We also located a company who
made a custom-made memorial marker for the pet.

Request: Walk a dog 3 times one day when he was too sick to go to day- care.
Challenge: A very large, strong- willed dog.
Solution: Let the dog walk us 3 times that day.
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